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The Crown Forces Form Square to fend off cavalry at The Battle of Chippewa/Lundy's Lane event in 2014.
Life in the encampment... a respite from battle and a place to rest, chat, and relax...
Marching steady onto the field for another battle. The Incorporated Militia is on the way!
As night falls in Fort Erie, the line fires a volley at the dreaded invaders in the fort!
At the Annual Mess Dinner, there's always time to have a dance and create memories...

Our Unit History

djEarly in the War of 1812, it became apparent that the existing militia system was woefully inadequate for the defense of Upper Canada. To rectify this situation, the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada passed an Act creating the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada. Volunteers from throughout the Province were to be formed into Battalions, and to serve for the duration of the war. The men received...

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Sackets Harbor New York August 5 & 6

 Sakets 2017 - IMUC


The Incorporated Militia was once again invited to the Sackets Harbor Battlefield for their War of 1812 weekend.  Again we were treated royally by the site, staff and town! Several Royal Navy crews including the Earl of Moira joined us “on land” as the town docks were all under water! Everyone on site was entertained by the traditional sea chanteys of “The Bosun’s Call” who travelled all the way from Virginia Beach!  Saturday’s record winds made things interesting for those under canvas!  Only a couple of tents and awnings went down!  We picked up a stray RNR and a spare Royal Scot to fill out our redcoat attack force.  Even with the help of the ships’ companies, the American troops prevailed, again!

Some photos can be found at:

And nothing says 1812 better at Sackets Harbor than an antique Fire Engine parade! 

We headed across the battlefield in kit to watch them go by. 

Pictures at

 Siege of Fort Erie, Aug 12 & 13, 2017

Ft Erie 2017 IMUC


For over 30 years IMUC has been participating in the re-enactment of the Siege of Fort Erie.  Always a well animated weekend with cannon barrages, an evening fort siege tour and participant camps above and below the fort.  Natives, Americans and sutlers added to the site brining life to this important part of Canada’s history! We fielded a strong section of 12 muskets, and climbed the walls once again!

Pictures from the weekend can be found at

Below - A Line's Eye View of the evening battle...


Wasaga Under Siege - 2017 August 19 & 20

Wasaga 2017

Nancy Island was again our home for the past weekend. IMUC, IMAC, The Canadian Volunteers, The Royal Newfoundland Regiment, the US 22, the Royal Artillery including The Nancy and the Royal Navy including the Earl of Moira set up camps on the island. A series of demonstrations, presentations and fun family activities filled the two days. Once again The Friends of Nancy Island, Dave Brunelle and his corps of volunteers hosted this annual event.

Some pictures from the weekend can be found at



In 1837, the rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada were under way.  The Incorporated Militia was called back into service but the Rebellions were over before they served.  On Canada Day, along with Lloydtown Patriots portrayed by the US 22nd, we staged a couple of skirmishes at the Sharon Temple, adding to their Canada 150 celebrations.  Everyone was dressed in red looking like supporters of the Crown and the Family Compact!  Lots of visitors toured the camps, asked great questions and thanked us all for our living history portrayals.  Pictures of the event can be found here.

 Fort George Crown Forces Change of Command 

Fort George 2017

This weekend found IMUC and IMAC at the Fort George Crown Forces 1812 Change of Command. Representatives of most of the 1812 community were able to attend as well. Some of those attending included The Royal Scots, Glengarry Light Infantry, Royal Newfoundland Regiment, the 10th, 41st, 49th, 89th, 2nd York Militia, Lincoln Militia BID, Native Allies, 100th, 17th Dragoons, Royal Artillery & Gun Crews, US 22nd, 19th, and Canadian Volunteers 
Congratulations and best wishes to outgoing General Peter Twist and incoming General Craig Williams, both of whom have contributed so very much to all aspects of War of 1812 life!
We would also like to thank Peter Martin of Fort George and his staff and volunteers for making us all so welcome. They truly went above and beyond the call of duty!

Some pictures can be found here 


Festival At Fort Willow – 2016

Willow 2016 - IMUC


Each Fall The Friends of Fort Willow host an Education Day. Members of the Glengarry Light Infantry, the Royal Newfoundland Regiment The Canadian Volunteers, The US 22Nd The Nancy Gun Crew, The crew of the Revenge, and ON-GWE-HO-WAY join period sutlers and artisans for a day of 1812 life and activities. The Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada has supported this site and event for years!

Almost 1300 students, teachers and parents participated.

On Friday The Willow Depot was also recognized as a protected national monument with dignitaries from all levels of government attending to ensure that Willow Depot will be protected for coming generations!

Pictures from the Festival can be found at:

Thanks also to Ron Philips of the GLE and Darlene Kingstone for additional pictures!

Mississinewa 2016!


Four members traveled the 8 hours by van to Marian Indiana to participate in this year's Battle of Mississinewa. From all reports, it was well worth the drive! What a great way to finish off the end of the official 2016 season! Football stadium seating, rows and rows of sutlers, 1812 re-enactors from all over the US a chance to educate the public about the real War of 1812 were the highlights of the long Thanksgiving (for us) weekend!


Photos c/o one of our Campfollowers can be found at:






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