Calendar of Events for 2003

The calendar of official and sanctioned events for the Military Re-Enactment Society of Canada for the 2003 season are:

Official Events
April 26 - Port Parry Field Day
May 3 & 4 - Battle of Longwoods - Longwoods Conservation Area, London Ontario
June 7 & 8 - Battle of Stoney Creek - Battlefield House, Stoney Creek
June 21 & 22 Bobcaygeon Heritage Days
July 1 - Canada Day Parade in Scarborough
July 19 & 20 - Fort George - Niagara-on-the-lake
August 2 & 3 Lang Pioneer Village

Sanctioned Events
May 24 & 25 - Talbot Settlement Reenactment - Port Stanley, Ontario
June 28 & 29 - Fort Henry - Kingston Ontario
August 9 & 10 - Siege of Ft. Erie - Fort Erie Ontario
August 16 & 17 - Drum Muster at Fort George - Niagara-on-the-lake
September 6 & 7 Backus Mills - Port Rowan, Ontario
September 27 & 28 - Fort Niagara - Youngstown, NY
October 3 - 5 - Faire at the Forks/Battle of the Thames - Chatham
October 10 - 12 - Mississinawa - Marian Indiana

You know you're a reenactor if:

- sleeping outside in the rain and mud is your idea of a fun Saturday night.
- you can identify a regiment by the curses heard from their camp.
- you can't sing without a mug of something in your hand.
- you can spot 100% wool at 300 yards.
- you have ever spent over 300 dollars on clothes that went out of style over 135 years ago.
- you have ever replayed Turner's "Gettysburg," 25 times in a row just to get a glimpse of your foot in the left- hand corner of the screen.
- you've ever uttered the phrase "only 68 more days 'til (pick an event)!"
- you've fondled your musket lovingly.
- your employer says: "Oh are you going out to play that war crap again?"
- you dinner guests see one of your uniforms and exclaim "Are you in a theatre production?"
- your neighbour's dog is barking due to the high frequency pitch of the fifes playing in your back yard.
- you've stockpiled lots of candles by the back door as a reminder not to forget them.
- you travel over 2000 miles to sleep in a tent at a historic site.
- you've driven by some open land and thought "What a great place for a battle!"
- you've worn wool when the temperature tops 100 degrees Fahrenheit, repeatedly.
- you've received cuts, burns, pulled off ticks, been infested by earwigs , gotten poison ivy, and still look forward to camping out every time.
- your house needs a coat of paint.
- you have three muskets stacked in the parlour corner.
- you've made a career decision based on its impact on your weekend.
- you've made a vehicle purchase based on how well it accomadates your kit and gets into and out of fields.
- on Monday your business associates comment on the funny tan/sunburn line that ends at the hatline.
- no one will attend a war movie/historical costume drama with you.
- your $28,000 car sits out in the weather so your $200 tent can stay in the garage.
- you spend more on a pair of reenacting shoes than on your "dress" shoes.
- your mailman stays confused (what the heck rank are you in the Reserves anyway?)
- your kids can correct their history teachers.
- you fly strange flags.
- your vanity tag gets lots of comments (Fusilier; 1st NH; 2SC)
- you get the "flux" on the way back home.
- in the middle of summer, you dread wearing a short sleeved shirt in your air conditioned office, while you can't wait to get to the next event, where you dress in a long sleeved shirt, with a vest, wool coat, hat, and carry around 40 or 50 pounds of bulky gear on your back, while firing away with your musket, and then relaxing next to your cookfire.
- you have ever been asked at a gas station if you are Amish.
- you win Hallowe'en costume competitions -hands down.

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