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The Crown Forces Form Square to fend off cavalry at The Battle of Chippewa/Lundy's Lane event in 2014.
Life in the encampment... a respite from battle and a place to rest, chat, and relax...
Marching steady onto the field for another battle. The Incorporated Militia is on the way!
As night falls in Fort Erie, the line fires a volley at the dreaded invaders in the fort!
At the Annual Mess Dinner, there's always time to have a dance and create memories...

Our Unit History

djEarly in the War of 1812, it became apparent that the existing militia system was woefully inadequate for the defense of Upper Canada. To rectify this situation, the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada passed an Act creating the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada. Volunteers from throughout the Province were to be formed into Battalions, and to serve for the duration of the war. The men received...

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November 2014 Jack Dyson

An early member of the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada from the early 1980s, Jack Dyson usually portrayed a sergeant and sadly left the hobby shortly after the death of his first wife (Doreen) and was greatly missed by those who knew him. Jack passed away in late November of 2014...


Jack Dyson


Rest on arms reverse...

January 2013 Timothy Elliott Avery

Sadly we report the death of our dear friend Timothy Elliott Avery in Toronto on January 11, 2013 after a brief illness. Predeceased by his parents Ralph and Gladys, Tim will be forever cherished and loved by partner Polly and her children, Alana, Nick and Zara. Loving father to Elliott and Oliver, and brother to Ted (Gaik), Tim will also be missed by several cousins. He was widely known among his far-flung and eclectic group of friends as a raconteur whose grasp of historical fact and context was debated only at great risk. Many of these friends he made while a member of the re-enactment group Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada. A reporter for Canadian Press for many years, Tim is probably chuckling to himself, saying: 'After spending almost 30 years on the front pages, I now end up here near the back pages. Go figure.' A memorial service will be held to celebrate Tim's 60 accomplished years on this earth on March 1 in Toronto. He was a great lover of all things Welsh and in recognition of this, the celebration coincides with St. David's Day.


Tim Avery


"I turned the gas down, I got into bed,I said some words to the close and holy darkness, and then I slept."

Caru chi am byth fy ffrind


Tim Avery


Rest on arms reverse...


March, 2011 Fredrick Richard Fishell

The Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada has lost one of its most respected members, Fredrick Richard Fishell. Fred was one of the originals and guided IMUC and the MRSC for many years. His knowledge of the history of the period was superb. His artistic and architectural talents are still demonstrated in both sets of IMUC Colours which he researched, designed and painted. We are very proud every time we bring out Fred's Colours'.

Over the years Fred rose through the ranks to do justice to the roles of pioneer and then officer. Our Lt. Fishell revelled in the role of camp judge, falling into character often to the delight of the regiment and the public. Though in recent years Fred came out less and less, each time he joined us at camp was a delight to us all.

We wish to extend deep condolences to Fred's wife and sons. We all dearly miss him already.

Rest on arms reverse...


January 17th, 2007 Wayne Vanderyaught was a full and active member of IMUC for many years.

Wayne always popped by the tents at events, he would share a tale or two and more often than not, a good hearty laugh. He was a good friend and comrade and we all have very fond memories of kindness, humour, friendship, and interest in our hobby and history. His memory lives on in the sponsorship of many present and past members of the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada. He will be very missed.

Rest on arms reverse...



March 8th, 2006 It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our Commanding Officer Captain Kevin Lightfoot who was taken from us suddenly on March 8, 2006.

Not only was Kevin our Commanding Officer, but had served all through the ranks of IMUC as a private, chosen-man, corporal, sergeant, RSM, and lieutenant. Kevin also served as a past president of the Military Re-Enactment Society of Canada.

We, as well as many other's in the re-enactment community will dearly miss our good friend.

Rest on arms reverse...

March 24th, 2005 It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our dear friend Dave Hill. Dave has been member of the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada since its inception more than 25 years ago. Dave served the regiment all through the ranks and as long standing member of the Board of Directors as President of our Military Re-Enactment Society Of Canada. Dave's friendship, mentoring, historical passion and knowledge as well as his very bad jokes will be deeply missed by all of us in the MRSC. Dave's many friends in the larger re-enacting community are also saddened at his passing.

To Bev and all of Dave's family and friends, please know our condolences and kind thoughts will be with you all.

Rest on arms reverse...

September 2nd, 2004 We were all saddened to hear of the passing of Alan Wooton, a long time IMUC member and friend to many. Our thoughts and prayers are with Marie, Malcolm and the rest of his family and friends during this difficult time.
Rest on arms reverse...

September 15th, 2004 IMUC and the MRSC was sorry to hear of the passing of our friend, Keith Aiken. Keith was a beloved member for many years in the Incorporated Militia who entertained us with many, many stories. Coming from being a seaman with the Bee at the Naval Establishment in Penetanquishene, Keith went from IMUC to the Royal George. He will be missed by all who knew him. Our thoughts and prayers are with Keith's family at this sad time

Rest on arms reverse...





May 19th, 2004 We at the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada were saddened to learn of the passing of Tom Arnold. Tom was an important player in starting the Fort York volunteer program that later grew into our group

Tom's mother has also passed due to the same accident that took Tom's life and his daughter was injured in the accident as well.

We, at IMUC and the Military Re-Enactment Society of Canada send our thoughts and sincerest condolences to Tom's wife, son and daughter at this terrible time.

Rest on arms reverse...


If you wish to honour these fallen friends, please consider giving a small donation to the following charities...



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