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September 2008 Events

During September the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada and the Campfollowers were involved in several events. For the first time we were involved in three different ones on the same day. This is not something that usually occurs but that is the way our commitment to the Scugog Shores historical Museum in Port Perry, The 1812 Grand Tactical in St Leonard Maryland and the 1812 Scout Weekend at Fort George in Niagara-on-the-lake lined up this year. We were able to provide members to help with all three events.

September 5 - 7 - Battle of Backus Mill, Port Rowan September 19 - 21 - 1812 Grand Tactical, St Leonard Maryland September 19 - 21 Fort George Scout Weekend, Niagara-on-the-lake September 21 - Scugog Shores Historical Museum, Port Perry

September 5 to 7 - Backus Mill - Port Rowan

On the weekend of September 5 to 7 the Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada participated in the Battle of Backus Mill near Port Rowan Ontario. The site is one of the most picturesque that we attend. Rolling hills, woodland and open field all are part of the battle scenarios. We portrayed part of the US force on Saturday and returned as Canadian Militia to go on the field with the British Regulars on Sunday. As with most events this summer, the rain almost held off!!
We would like to thank all those involved with the organization of this event for first rate treatment all weekend long.
Additional Information about Backus Mill can be obtained at:
Backus Heritage Village
Backus Mill 1812 Re-Enactment
Backus Mill Ghosts & Haunting

September 19 - 21 - 1812 Grand Tactical - Jefferson Patterson Park St Leonard Maryland

IMUC Report
The IMUC expeditionary force landed at St. Leonard's Creek and acquitted itself in its usual finely drilled manner. Kevin, Dave and Paul shone as the backbone of what turned out to be the largest company (under command of Capt. Steve Fisher of the 95th) on the field on Sunday, On Saturday we had four IMUC, two Lincolns, two 49th, one Glennie (Jesse) and one 95th rifleman (Jimmy). The landscape was beautiful, the food plentiful, the women comely, the beer cold and we were not overlooked by Staff. On Sunday we were in the field for over four hours with a tactical before a 45 min. battle. Saturday's contingent was joined by three 42nd Highlanders in barracks jackets (checking out 1812) and five from the 21st RB....? who showed up unexpectedly as we moved into line for the big battle. During the lunch break the Americans' threatened and we (with unusual foresight) were the only unit that had kitted up and were able to relieve the Royal Scott Lights who as pickets had been pushed back. A few volley's saw off Jonathan and we resumed our lunch uninterrupted. Staff remarked several times on IMUC's performance (favourably) . A good time was had by all. - Pvte Woods

Campfollower Report
Brenda Lightfoot reporting in on behalf of the ladies Expeditionary force on our amazing weekend at the Grand Tactical. Amazing, fantastic, and wonderful are only a few of the descriptive words I could use. "Southern hospitality" is incredible. Every time we ventured out of camp any American gentleman we encountered whether it be a fellow re-enactor or park staff would tip his hat and say something nice. By the end of the weekend I felt quite like a southern"belle"

While the men were indulged in their usual pursuits such as fighting, drinking, flirting and singing the ladies were treated to a full program designed specifically for them. Saturday morning began with a lecture on children's clothing from the Federal era as well as hands on sewing. The afternoon was started with a talk on what life was like for women of this time period and was followed by a most delightful tea hosted by the ladies of the Royal Marines. Both Sue and I had an opportunity to chat with ladies from all over the United States and England. The evening was devoted to dancing and the social niceties. Unfortunately, Sue and I had a prior engagement as we were invited to attend General Twist's reception at the mess. Again I met many interesting and, I must say, handsome officers and their ladies.

Sunday afternoon we were again treated to a wonderful lecture on "Federal Clothing" presented by a lady whose credentials included consultant to the Smithsonian on textiles and clothing from the early 19th century. She brought her private collection of clothing dating from 1810 to 1815. I was speechless!! The afternoon was devoted to rest and relaxation with an occasional comment on how the battle must be going and if they didn't come back, should we hold a yard sale.

All in all the weekend was a huge success with just a few regrets that it had to come to an end. Campfollower - Brenda Lightfoot

Additional Information:
Jeff Pat Park and Museum
Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum

September 19 - 21 - Scout Weekend - Fort George, Niagara-on-the-lake

Several of our members continue to be members of Scouts Canada and have participated in the Fort George Scout weekend for all or almost all of its 25 years. This year was the 25th anniversary of the first Scout weekend. Several more of us came to the Incorporated Militia from our involvement in Scouting. Each year along with those members who are still leaders, others come to Fort George to assist the up to 3,000 scouts, leaders and parents with their drill and battles. We are very proud of our continued involvement with this event.
Additional Information:
Scout Brigade Fort George

September 21 - Scugog Shores Historical Museum

Each September we assist the Scugog Shores Historical Museum with their fall harvest celebration. The Incorporated Militia of Upper Canada stay for the day and along with military drill and manoeuvres hold small US vs redcoat skirmishes, welcome visitors into their camp and provide an explanation of many artifacts of military life from the time period.
Scugog Shores Historical Museum

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