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July 23rd through 25th, 2004 - Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Wasaga Under Siege 2004
By Pte. Tim Avery

It was Redcoats Gone Wild as a merry band of IMUC grabbed their boards...er muskets...and hit the beach at Wasaga Under Siege.

Ably led by Corporal Kahuna Woods and Major Moondoggy Everett, the boys may have lost two out of three engagements against the vastly superior numbers of Jonathans with their anachronistic rapid-fire muskets but they won the hearts of the local lovelies. The womenfolk were lined up along the beach to have their pictures taken with our brave lads!

The temptation may have proven to great for us to resist were we not fortunate to have the moral guidance of Private Bill (Parson) Meakins, who kept us all on the straight and narrow. Our camp was a delight, thanks to Ruth Garwood and her young ladies, with hospitality extended to orphaned Newfoundlander _ JP Johnson and a former IMUC vet who has gone off in search of bigger noises with the artillery _ Al McKnight. Lance Corporal Niddery's twin, Chris Franke, was also on hand to the befuddlement of many a tourist.

Event organizer Dave Brunelle is to be congratulated for a jolly good show and no doubt the publication of these photos will ensure a good turnout for next year.

Photos courtesy of Ruth Garwood in camp and Brad Mark on beach patrol!

Artillery works on recruiting!

The CO checks his shine

With the Brass

Words of Wisdom

IMUC in the British Line

Never let it be said...

Ready for battle!

A fine body of men sir!

Dual Duty - Campfollower Coordinator and Security Chief!

A tight camp

A time for a diversion

Our "twins" discuss who mom liked best!

While On Beach Patrol... (See Below...)

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